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Family: Rhamnaceae

Type: Medium Shrub, 10'h x 5'w

Flowers: March to May

Flower Color: Blue

Likes: Full Sun


Fast growing tall, mountain lilac. 

Very fast growing to 6' plus. Flowers are blue and appear in late winter/Spring. 


Prune to desired shape.  Can be a nice smaller tree. 

Drought tolerant but will tolerate some garden irrigation.  Frost tolerant.  Can get taller depending on conditions.


The Ray Hartman at the nursery has grown to about 6' in 4 years.  See pictures.


Originally introduced in the 1950s.  Adds dimension to garden  as a midsized shrub/tree.



Avoid excessive summer irrigation after established. 


Needs good drainage.


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Ceanothus "Ray Hartman"

Mountain Lilac