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Plants for Summer


Planting in May can be a little trickier as the weather will soon turn hot.  Remember to water deeply prior to planting and let the soil drain.  Plant into a moist but not wet soil.  Mulch!  A great mulch for natives is to put a large rock next to the plant to conserve moisture. Plants will need supplemental water the first year as their roots are not yet fully established. 


Some great plants for late spring planting are:


Fallugia paradoxa (Apache Plume) - a small desert shrub with white flowers which after pollination develop plumes that help disperse the seeds.  Very drought tolerant.


Grindelia camporum (Central Valley Gum Plant) - Very drought tolerant with yellow flowers throughout most of the summer.


Salvias (Sages) - Pozo Blue, Celestial Blue, Salvia clevelandii.  All will give flowers through at least the 1st half of summer, and next winter after a rain give off incredible "sage" smell.


Zauschneria californica (Calif Fuschia, Catalina)  - The Fuschia are one of the best for fall color.  Usually provide color July to Fall.  Try this one and check back in the Fall for Z. latifolia johnstonii.


Enjoy and thank you.   This will be the last sale until Fall.

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"The California Native Plant Wiki is an information resource created by the Theodore Payne Foundation to help you garden with California native plants."


Apparently some species were used as  a treatment for flu symptons.



Looking for additional species or to have them shippped to you.  One of the best resources available is Las Palitas Nursery.

Las Palitas


An interesting resource and visit is the UC Davis Arboretum.  Here is a link to the plant search.

Arboretum Plant Search


An interesting article about Native Plant Gardens Link


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California Native Plant Society



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