Chilopsis linearis  ​Common Name: Desert Willow

If you are looking for a tree, this is the one.  Beautiful with a long bloom of pink flowers from May to September.  Needs no irrigation after establishment.  Has quickly become an all-star.

Cercis occidentalis  Common Name: Western Redbud

Wonderful spring blooms, nice "Aspen" like leaves and interesting branching make this a rewarding addition throughout the year.  Winter decidious.

Salvia spathacea  Common Name: Hummingbird Sage

Salvia spathacea (Hummingbird Sage) - one of the best and easiest to grow natives.  Lives up to its name, as it attracts hummingbirds like crazy.

Eriogonum umbellatum  Common Name: Sulphur Buckwheat
A true all-star.  One of the most striking and beautiful Spring bloomers.  Blooms 2-3 months.  Don't leave this one out.
Ceanothus concha  Common Name: Mountain Lilac
Nothing is as spectacular as this larger shrub during bloom.  Covered in bright violet blossoms.  Very drought tolerant.
Ceanothus sp  Common Name: Ray Hartman
Tallest Ceanothus.  Adds dimension and beautiful Violet Spring blooms.  Prune to a small tree.
Penstemon heterophyllus  Common Name: Foothill Penstemon
Compact Penstemon covered in blue/violet flowers for about 2 months.  Drought tolerant but can also stand some irrigation during summer.
Penstemon spectabalis  Common Name: Showy Penstemon
Truly a spectacle.  Large Penstemon with incredible blooms throughout the Spring and early Summer.  If you have the room don't leave this one out.
Arctostaphylos densiflora  Common Name: Sentinel Manzanita
Nice mid-sized Manzanita.  January blooms, red bark and very drought tolerant
Arctostaphylos sp.  Common Name: Dr. Hurd Manzanita
Large Manzanita.  Nice foliage and bark.  
Salvia sonomensis  Common Name: Creeping Sage
Nice low growing, spring blooming aromatic Sage.  Just the right size for any garden.
Aquilegia formosa    Common Name: Columbine
Fantastic flowers, long bloom and can take garden water - can fit in a non-native landscape.