Fall Sale Information
Fall Sales - rain or shine.
  • Sales are a combination of appointments and times open to all.

  • Please see inventory and prices on the "Current Inventory" link on the upper right of this page.  Plus Sales tax.

  • Please look for sign on Orange Blossom Rd and signs directing you to the nursery

  • If you would like a map please email - glad to provide it.

  • Please click the link to the sale you would like to attend for an appointment.

  • Prefer not to make an appointment - feel free to attend an "open to all" time".

  • Payment is by cash/check or card.

**PLEASE NOTE - mapping programs will only get you close - please look for signs and observe the map**

Sale information

Friday, November 5

By appointment only, 9 -2

Saturday, November 6

Appointments 9 -12:30

Open to all 12:30 - 2

Saturday, November 13

Appointments 9 - 11:30

Open to all 11:30 - 2

How to set an appointment
  • Please click the button for the sale you would like to attend.  A new window will open.

  • Click on the date of the sale - there will only be 1 choice, but you still have to select it.

  • Select the time you would like to attend and confirm.  (The program will indicate your appointment is a limited length of time - please ignore - you are free to stay as long as needed)

  • Enter your name and email.

  • Select the button at the bottom "schedule event".

  • You will receive an email confirmation.


If you need to cancel

  • Use the link in the email

  • Call or text us at 209 318-9011

Other options

Call, email or text directly for an appointment.  We are glad to set appointments up however you are comfortable.

As always you can contact us directly to set up an appointment outside of regular Sale events.


Thank you.  We are looking forward to seeing you!

Blossom Hill