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Shrubs by Genus  E-G

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Encelia actoni  Common Name: Mountain Bush Sunflower

Family: Asteraceae

Type: Small plant 4'h x 5'w

Flowers: Fall

Flower Color: Yellow

Likes: Full Sun

Shrub with yellow daisy like flowers and gray foliage. Very nice accent plant - stands out. 

Extremely drought tolerant once established.   May be somewhat summer deciduous. 

Native to the Southern Deserts of California.

Encelia californica  Common Name:  Coast Sunflower

Family: Asteraceae,  (Images)

Type: Small plant 2'h x 4'w

Flowers: Summer into Fall

Flower Color: Yellow

Likes: Part Sun

In the Daisy family (Asteraceae).   Blooms February to June.  Perennial. 

Showy yellow flowers.  Coastal plant so can take some summer shade.  Not frost tolerant although can do well if it has some cover/protection - under a tree.

Winter / Fall
Encelia frutescens  Common Name: Button Brittlebrush

Family: Asteraceae,  (Images)

Type: Small plant 4'h x 4'w

Flowers: March -April

Flower Color: Yellow

Likes: Full Sun

Desert shrub.  Flowers fairly indistinct but attracts butterflies.  Nice aroma.  Should be very drought tolerant 

Coast Sunflower
Encelia farinosa  Common Name: Brittlebrush

Family: Asteraceae,  (Images)

Type: Small plant 3'h x 4'w

Flowers: March -April

Flower Color: Yellow

Likes: Full Sun

Smaller shrub with very attractive, light colored foliage. Grows to about 2-3 ft tall with nice structure for border or low growing hedge.  Flowers early summer.  Desert plant. Can be summer semi-deciduous.

Eriogonum arborescens  Common Name: Santa Cruz Island Buckwheat

Family: Polygonaceae

Type: 3'h x 4'w

Flowers: Spring into Summer dependent on moisture

Flower Color: White/Pink

Likes: Full Sun

Native to the Channel Island along the Coast of California. Likes full sun.  Can grow to 3-4 feet tall but usually smaller inland. Likes some summer water - which will encourage a larger plant. 

Nice as a higher level ground cover in massed plantings or as an accent under Oaks.  Flowers attract butterflies.

Fallugia paradoxa  Common Name: Apache Plume

Family: Rosaceae

Type: Shrub, 3'h x 3'w

Flowers: Spring

Flower Color: White to Pink

Likes: Full Sun

Very drought tolerant, perennial shrub. After flowering, fruits have long feathery plumes until seeds drop. Popular as part of a drought tolerant landscape.  Over water will cause this to burnout.  Desert plant.  Avoid summer irrigation after established.

Gambelia (Galvezia) speciosa  Common Name: Firecracker (Showy Island Snapdragon)

Family: Plantaginaceae  (Images)

Type: Shrub, 3'h x 4'w

Flowers: Summer

Flower Color: Red

Likes: Full/Part Sun

Selection of G. speciosa.  Compact plant with red blossoms.  Attracts hummingbirds.  Very adaptable and easy to grow.  Frost sensitive - will burn new growth but most likely resprout.  Great for understory of oaks or Desert Willow. Spring flowering. aka Showy Island Snapdragon.

Euthamia occidentalis  Common Name: Western Goldentop

Family: Asteraceae,  Images

Type: Small plant 4'h x 1'w

Flowers: Summer into Fall

Flower Color: Yellow

Likes: Full Sun

Common throughout California.  Blooms summer into Fall.  Nice planted in groupings or as accents.

Grindelia camporum  Common Name: California Gum Plant

Family: Asteraceae

Type: 2.5'h x 2.5'w

Flowers: Spring to Summer

Flower Color: Yellow

Likes: Full Sun

Extremely easy to grow.  Easy color and care.  Many yellow flowers Summer into Fall. Sticky leaves give the name.  Extremely drought tolerant.  Grow alone as an accent or planted in groups. 

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