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Ray Hartmen
Penstemon speciosus  Common Name: Royal Penstemon

Family: Plantaginaceae,   Images

Type: Herbaceous Shrub, 2'h x 2'w

Flowers: May to July

Flower Color: Blue/Purple

Likes: Full Sun

A mid-level Penstemon.  Native to the mid-elevation Sierras. Can use supplemental water the first year then seems to be OK.  Nice planted in groups for May - July color.  Nice compliment to the other Penstemons.

Arctostaphlyos sp  Common Name: Emerald Carpet Manzanita

Family: Ericaceae

Type: Small plant 1'h x 3'w

Flowers: February/March

Flower Color: Pink

Likes: Full Sun

Somewhat drought tolerant.  Needs supplemental water inland.

Good as a low ground cover in partial native conditions - between ornamental and a drought landscape. Spreads rapidly. Hybrid between Arctostaphylos uva-ursi and Arctostaphylos nummularia.

Arctostaphylos sp  Common Name: Ian Bush Manzanita

Family: Ericaceae

Type: Small plant 5'h x 5'w

Flowers: January/February

Flower Color: Pink

Likes: Full Sun

Early bloomer, January and February, in the valley.  Very drought tolerant. Grows fast to 4'.  Very nice foliage. Hybrid of Arctostaphylos densiflora and Arctostaphylos pungens.  Slightly larger than A. densiflora.  Good for a small hedge.  Attracts hummingbirds.  Lots of pink -white flowers.  Can be pruned into a small tree.  Smooth dark red-brown bark.

Winter / Fall
Iris innominata  Common Name: Del Norte Canyon Iris

Family: Iridaceae,   (Images)

Type: Small plant 1.5'h x .2'w

Flowers: March to April

Flower Color: White

Likes: Part Shade

Northern California Iris.  Small plant with usually yellow flowers.  Needs shade and additional water.

Wyethia angustifolia  Common Name: Narrowleaf Mull ears

Family: Asteraceae  (Images)

Type: Shrub, 1'h x 1'w

Flowers: Spring

Flower Color: Yellow

Likes: Full Sun

Small flowering perennial.  Bright yellow flowers on.  Dies back each year to retun the next Spring. Groups make great displays of large yellow flowers.

Quercus douglasii  Common Name: Blue Oak

Family: Fagaceae  (Images)

Type: Tree, 30'h x 20'w

Flowers: Spring

Flower Color: Not distinct

Likes: Full Sun

Common to the Sierra foothills.  Decideous medium tree - can grow to 30-40ft.  Smaller than Valley Oak - Q. lobata.  Light gray foliage with lobed mid-sized leafs. Slow growing.  Full sun but can tolerate some shade.  Do not water regularly.

Penstemon grinnelliiCommon Name: Southern Woodland Penstemon

Family: Plantaginaceae

Type: Herbaceous Shrub, 2.5'h x 3'w

Flowers: Spring to Summer

Flower Color: Lavender, Purple

Likes: Full Sun

Similar to spectabilis but slightly smaller and more compact.  Mid/large-sized Penstemon.  Flowers Spring well into Summer with moisture. Very hardy.  Nice as a single accent or around large rocks. Needs to be pruned to keep it manageable.   Very drought tolerant.  Summer water every few weeks during the first year to establish.  Avoid summer irrigation after established.

Salvia brandegeei  Common Name: Santa Rosa Island Sage

Family: Lamiaceae  (Images)

Type: Small Shrub, 4'h x 4'w

Flowers: Early Spring to Summer

Flower Color: Blue

Likes: Full Sun

Nice aromatic mid-sized sage.  Native to Santa Rosa Island and Baja.  Green foliage and bright blue flowers make a nice contrast to lighter foliage Encelia and others.  Growth tends to be erect initially and with more weight the branches collapse and spread - normal for this one.  Regrows and makes a nice slightly spreading plant.  Expect this to need some summer water as the origin is coastal island.

How to set an appointment
  • We'll observe advised practices - distance or masks.  Typically, as we'll be outside and apart, we will not be wearing masks.  If you are more comfortable with wearing of masks just ask - no problem.

  • Plants will have signs (unless it rains), so a self-guided tour.  We will be available for questions.

  • If you prefer just to pick up plants, send in your order and it will be waiting.  You or we can load.  For this we will schedule a time in addition to the times above.

  • If you prefer a time outside of the formal sale,  no problem - please email or call.

We realize that people have different comfort levels regarding precautions - please communicate if you have concerns or questions.

Most important, we are looking forward to seeing you!---ENJOY!

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