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New for 2023

Baccharis pilularis consanguinea  Common Name: Pozo Surf, Lowly Cyte brsh

Family: Asteraceae  Images  Available Fall 2023

Type: 3'tall x 3' wide

Flowers: Fall

Flower Color: Cream, indistinct

Likes: Full Sun

Easy to grow and adapatable to any condition.  Aka "Parking Strip Plant" because of its adaptability, nice green color while even under adverse condition.  Fire resistant and deer do not like it.  Grows from coastal to Sierra foothill.

Eriogonum nudum ssp nudumCommon Name: Tuol. Co. Bare Stemmed Buck.

Family: Polygonaceae  (Images)

Type: Small plant 2'h x .5'w

Flowers: March to May

Flower Color: White, pink, yellow

Likes: Full Sun

Widely distributed.  Basal leaves with long leafless flower stem.  Flower can be white, pink or yellow.  Flower stalks taller that E nudum.  Interesting accent plant, low maintenance.  Ssp nudum or pubiflorum.  Origin - Tuolumne Co


Can take some summer irrigation after established.

Euthamia occidentalis  Common Name: Western Goldentop

Family: Asteraceae,  Images

Type: Small plant 4'h x 1'w

Flowers: Summer into Fall

Flower Color: Yellow

Likes: Full Sun

Common throughout California.  Blooms summer into Fall.  Nice planted in groupings or as accents.

Lippia (repens) Phy. nodiflora Common Name: Common Lippia

Family: Verbenaceae  (Images)

Type: Ground Cover 4"h

Flowers: Summer

Flower Color: Pnk/Wht Flower

Likes: Full Sun

A true grass replacement.  Can take walk-on traffic.  Green foliage and small attractive flowers - great for pollinators.  Spreading.

Monardella odoratissma  Common Name: Mountain Coyote Mint

Family: Lamiasceae  Images

Type: Small plant 1'h x 2'w

Flowers: March to July

Flower Color: White, Pink, Blue (varies)

Likes: Part Sun

Found at lower/mid elevations in the Sierra.  Distincitive mint fragrance. Easy to grow. Flower color can vary. Smaller, and found at higher elevations, than M. villosa

Penstemon rydbergii  Common Name: Meadow Penstemon

Family: Plantaginaceae  Images

Type: Herbaceous Shrub, 2'h x 3'w

Flowers: Spring to Summer

Flower Color: Purple

Likes: Full Sun

Penstemon common throughout the Sierras.  Typically at mid elevations.  Very nice showy flowers in summer at high elevations - earlier at low elevations.  Benefits from added water.  Common to wet areas but also to high elevation rocky slopes.  Needs shade in the valley.foothills.

Rhamnus (Frangula) californica "Eve Case"  Common Name:  Eve Case Coffeeberry

Family: Rhamnaceae   (Images)

Type: Large Shrub, 5'h x 5'w

Flowers: Spring

Flower Color: Indistinct, Red Berries

Likes: Full to Part Sun

Selection of Rhamnus (Frangula) CA.  Smaller coffeeberry selection.  Fast growing evergreen shrub to 5ft.  Deer and frost do not bother.  Grow as a tall divider/screen.  Prune to desired shape and height. Berries feed the birds. Easy to grow. 

Romneya coulteri   Common Name:  Coulter's Matilija Poppy

Family: Papaveraceae   (Images)

Type: Large Shrub, 6'h x 8'w

Flowers: Spring

Flower Color: White

Likes: Full sun

Native to S. Calif and Baja.  Large showy "poppy" flowers.  Spreads by rhizomes.  Very attractive landscape plant. Does not need irrigation after established.  Summer deciduous.

Salvia "Allison's Blossom"  Common Name:  S. clevelandii x

Family: Lamiaceae 

Type: Large Shrub, 4'h x 5'w

Flowers: Early Spring to early Summer

Flower Color: Purple/Blue

Likes: Full Sun

A Blossom Hill original.  S. Clevelandii x with some S. apiana. . Nice structure, foliage and extended flowering time.  Very adaptable and drought tolerant. Smaller than Vicki Romo, slightly larger that S. clevelandii.  Product of natual cross pollination in the Nursery.

Solidago velutina  Common Name: Three Nerve (CA) Goldenrod

Family: Asteraceae  Images

Type: Shrub, 2'h x 1.5'w

Flowers: Summer to Fall

Flower Color: Yellow

Likes: Full Sun

Late Summer blomer.  Yellow flowers attract a wide range of pollinators.  Wid-spread throughout California.  Winter decideous

Zausch. canum ssp. latifolia Common Name: 'Everett's Choice'  prostrate fuchsia

(Epilobium) Images

Family: Onagraceae

Type:  .5'h x 3'w - groundcover

Flowers: June to Fall

Flower Color: Orange/Red

Likes: Full/Part

Very low growing Fuschia.  Use as a ground cover.

Zauschneria CA Fuchsia (Mexicana x Catalina) Common Name: "Desi's Blossom"

(Epilobium)  Available Fall 2023

Family: Onagraceae

Type:  2'h x 2'w - small plant

Flowers: June to Fall

Flower Color: Orange/Red

Likes: Full/Part

Low spreading Fuschia. Hybrid that has some of the best characteristics of both.  Slightly spreading small upright Fuschia.  Prolific flowering of red/orange flowers that hummingbirds love.  Product of natural cross polllination in the garden - thank you to the Hummingbirds!

Bouteloua gracilis Common Name:  Blue Gramma Grass

Family: Poaceae  Images  Available Fall 2023

Type: Grass, 1'h x .5'w

Flowers: Spring

Flower Color: Indistinct

Likes: Full Sun

Smaller bunchgrass with one sided seed spikes.  Common throughout the great plains - and in S. Calif.  Attractive small accent plant with intersting seed spikes.  

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